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Since 1991 amepox microelectronics (axMC) has led the way with conductive assembly adhesive innovation

From the beginning axMC's production programs included different types of silver powder and flake with the highest metallic and ionic purity, including those with traces below 5 ppm of copper. We supply the smallest detail of your Big Idea.

    current conductive products:
  • electrically conductive, glass-silver Printopox paste.
  • electrically conductive, flexible Electon paste.
  • electrically conductive, ECA material group Elpox.
  • thermally conductive and electrically insulating Thermopox paste.
  • magnetically conductive Fluxopox paste.
  • electrically conductive, polymer base Eco-Solder (VOC, CFC and Pb free).

Since 2000 Amepox Microelectronics has been participating in Nanotechnology research as a member of the European Union's technology consortium. Our contribution to the EU nanoFATE & nanoTHERM consortiums has resulted in significant achievements. Amepox itself developed a new technology that allows the creation of atomic size silver powder particles and our consortium partners benefited from our new-found proprietary knowledge. Our nano silver has size between 3 – 8 nm, and with this nano filler we can offer new range of very innovative products like inkjetable nanoAg ink, dispensable paste and roll to roll transfer materials.


  • Printopox

    electrically conductive, glass-silver Printopox paste for firing (or fusing) into silica type wafers (especially for Solar Cell applications) and or to other type of ceramics.

  • Electon

    electrically conductive, flexible Electon paste which remains flexible after polymerization and may be used in manufacturing membrane switches and elastic printed circuits.

  • Elpox

    electrically conductive, ECA material group Elpox is a silver-epoxy to aid in the formation of solid joints (die attached) in industry sectors such as optoelectronics, electronics and microelectronics.

  • Thermopoxy

    thermally conductive and electrically insulating Thermopox paste. Thermopox materials achieve the highest conductivity thanks to our specially prepared fillers, HvyCu or proprietary nano size fillers.

  • Fluxopox

    magnetically conductive Fluxopox paste conducts magnetic flux but this paste also has anti-radiolocation properties. This unique product was designed to reduce magnetic resonance (hum) and energy loss during the mating of E-Cores.

  • EcoSolder

    Environmentally friendly electrically conductive, polymer base Eco-Solder (ECS) pastes are completely VOC, CFC and Pb free (lead free). Does not require the use of harmful organic solutions like tin/lead.

  • nanoTIM

    isotropic conductive nano silver and copper products ranging from inks to pastes. Best application is #nanoTIM (thermal interface material) for OLED and touchscreen applications, synthetic/faux ITO and HIT solar.

  • R&D nanoFATE

    For almost 2 decades axMC has lead the way for nano particle research and our participation in European Union's nanoFATE consortium paved the way for our 8nm and 10nm technology as we push forward to a stable 5nm & subsequent 3nm material.

Use Examples

Die Attach

Die attach, also known as die bonding, is the process of attaching (or bonding) a die (or chip) to a substrate, package or another die. The purity of axMC's die attach materials achieve the best efficiency for all your applications including; LED lighting, display screens, defense & aerospace avionics, telecommunications & medical devices and industrial & energy electronic equipment.


Since the mid 1990's axMC has been working with flexible thinfilm Photovoltaics. Our ability to formulate high purity small particle size conductive screen printing pastes and conductive printable inks allows your production line to achieve high yields while enhancing final product quality.

Form Flex

Formable and Flexible printed electronic also benefit from the high purity of axMC's proprietary Ag & Cu particle processing. We have a large inventory of new products and formulations technologies to specifically meet the demanding performance and reliability requirements of flexible and printed electronic circuits.


Clean-Tech must be both financially and environmentally sustainable. We've been the technology leader of tin/lead solder replacement pastes since the invention of EcoSolder in 1994. If you're making consumer goods we can help you minimize your carbon impact with totally CFC, VOC and Pb Free solder pastes that outperform tin/lead at competitive price points.


Preforms AND Solder pastes are commonly used conductive adhesives for SMT PCB assembly. axMC uses the purest particles to create solder pastes that are ideal for SMT processing. Our materials reduce QA rejects, increase throughput and improve your profitability. As with all our materials we can adjust set, dwell and cure time/temp to maximize your production efficiency.

nano assembly

Unlike nanoTubes and graphene our 8nn and 10nm products are all isotropic. No special manufacturing steps needed to align the particles in the direction of required conductivity. We have stable and tested formulations for inkjet printing and stencil printing. With small formulation changes we can provide clients with roll to roll suitable materials at the 10nm level. Currently the most widely used formulation is #nanoTIM (thermal interface material) which has unbelievable conductivity (60-80W/(m. K)is possible).


News & Events

Jan toMarch

Q1 of 2017 saw the launch of our new nano material product line. Our long term participation in the European Union CORDIS nanoFATE program pushed our research scientists beyond what we could have imagined just a few years ago. Our breakthrough has already helped 3M corporation solve a decade old problem with a anti-microbial membrane product and the Fraunhofer Institude foresees great promise in enabling some new technology standards using our nano products.

April toJune

Q2 of 2017 is all preparation for a materials road-show as we reach out to those we met and talked with at the 8 tradeshows we attended during Q1&Q2. We've been technology leaders for decades and with each iteration of development we grow as a company. Today we understand that our technologies are value-add materials for our clients. Yes, our competitors may see our breakthroughs as disruptive but all customers have access to our science. We encourage you to try axMC materials similar to what you're using now so that we can we can share with you the materials of the future.

July toSeptember

We've been so focused on building the materials for the future that we've neglected a bit of our present. Q3 of 2017 will be an effort to get our current materials in the hands of companies that will help us get listed in the computer aided design tool databases. If engineers don't know what is available they can't improve products beyond the materials shown currently in those data-bases or menu drop-downs.

October to December

Q4 2017 is a focus on meeting the needs of our clients. We'll reveal a move from our Silicon Valley location to a nearby location where new facilities will enable better production, customization and support. We'll also look at upgrades to our facilities in Poland. Make no mistake; we may have been silent for years but we've been busy planting the seeds for rapid growth.

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